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Demanding Divas offers a high-end, specialized phone fantasy experience. The Divas are highly intelligent, educated, articulate and creative fantasy artists, who will engage you in an erotic exploration far beyond your wildest imagination.

For phone fantasy sessions, call 800-356-6201

2.75 Per Minute, Minimum of 10 minutes, billed to your credit card

At Demanding Divas, we entertain almost all fetish and fantasy—as long as we get to be the ones in control. You may browse through our sites below, and select the subject that interests you tonight. Perhaps you need a sensual, seduction roleplay, or a strict discipline session with your Mistress. Perhaps you're in the mood for a sexy cuckold fantasy involing your promiscuous girlfriend or wife. Or maybe you've decided to experience some teasing and denial training. Our Divas are experts at the art of controlling a man. Give up control of your arousal to Us. We will be sure to take very good care of you and your erotic needs.

You must be 18 or over to call.

Demanding Divas sites

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Vox Erotic: This is our anything-goes Divas site—again, as long as we get to be in charge. Our fantasy artists are carefully selected for their intelligence, creativity, and authority on their selected erotic interests. Each artist has a voice sample on her page on Vox Erotic, so you can listen to our voices before you call. We promise you a high-end phone fantasy experience at Vox Erotic. At Cock Control our motto is, "She who controls your cock, controls you. The focus of Cock Control is teasing and denial, or orgasm denial. If you're unfamiliar with these phrases you might wonder, "Why would anyone want to be denied an orgasm?" The answer is not short, but it is exquisitely sexy. Visit Cock Control for teasing, orgasm denial, and guided masturbation sessions.

Sensual Domination: If you like your domination on the sensual side, visit the gentle Mistresses of

Masturbation Mistress: You need someone to control your cock, and supervise your masturbation. Visit Ms Tia at Free audios, photos and phone masturbation sessions.

Guided Masturbation and Teasing—Stroke For Me: We love to watch you jack off on webcam for us!

The Phone Sex Index: A complete resource for phone sex fans and phone sex operators: read articles, reviews, news, and browse phone sex sites, blogs and audios. PSO's, submit your sites and articles here.

Humiliated Cuckolds: Ms Daphne is a size queen who wants only the biggest cocks. Are you too small to satisfy her? Then be a good cuckold and wait on standby; she might need to use you for clean up duty. Cuckold humiliation phone sex

Cuckold Fantasies: If you have fantasies of your wife or girlfriend sneaking around behind your back for "satisfaction", or even not sneaking around behind your back but instead getting what she needs right in front of you, then you should explore your Cuckold Fantasies with us. Be a wimpy little pindick cuckold who craves humiliation, or just an average guy who gets hot thinking about his wife slutting around - we can dream up a cuckold fantasy to get you hot and get you off.

FemPhone: What are you wearing, baby? If the answer is "boxers", move along. If you're wearing something sexy and silky, keep reading...At Femphone, we love to indulge you in sexy feminization fantasies. All dressed up and no one to play with? Play with us! Tell us how sexy you look and feel with your prettiest girlie-clothes on. Let's get girlie and get sexy together -

Phone Humiliation: You've been searching for someone to take you down with extreme humiliation, and you have come to the right place. Our mission - and our promise - is to get deep inside your head and use your fantasies, desires, and deep dark secrets to embarrass and humiliate you. From playful embarrassment to cruel humiliation, we will take you on a journey which will test your limits and expand your horizons. Just let us know your fantasies and your limits and we will make your dreams (and your nightmares!) come true. We are experienced Mistresses who understand your need for humiliation, not actors or women reading from scripts. We will get inside your head and use what we find to tease, torment and humiliate you. We offer humiliation phone sex of all kinds: cuckold humiliation, small penis humiliation, out-of-control wanker humiliation, and every other type of humiliation you could ever need.

Body Worship 101: Worship the female body. Pay hommage to the gorgeous ass of a beautiful woman. Kneel and worship her legs. Leg worship, ass worship, feet worship, and body worship are all respectful, adoring acts which you can engage in with the woman you desire. Don't you belong on your knees, giving ass worship and leg worship to a beautiful Mistress? We think you do. Explore your ass worship, leg worship, foot worship and body worship phone sex fantasies with us, at Body Worship 101.

Be My Throne: Face sitting. Queening. Smothering. Call it many many names, but it means this: My Ass, Your Face. There is nothing quite like having your senses surrounded by the thighs of a woman. All you can see, all you can taste, all you can smell, is Her.

Sissy School: It's your lucky day, pretty sissy! You have found the place you will soon come to call Home. This is an extraordinary place, where sissification, sissy maids training, sissy training, coerced sissy training, sissy maid training and being girlie are at the top of the lesson plan. How often have you wished for a caring Mistress who could guide you to new levels of sissification and sissy training? Whether you are an aspiring sissy maid in need of training, or whether you're a pretty little sissy in need of a Mistress, you have found your place in the universe—right here at Sissy School.

Cock Boss—Coerced Bisexuality with Hayley: "Pussy Power" rules the world! Why else would you drop to your knees and fondle, caress, kiss, lick, and finally slurp down a nice big juicy cock? To please me, thats why! You know you've been thinking about it, maybe the idea has recently occured to you. Perhaps it's something that you've hidden or even supressed for a very long time. It could be you are very unsure of yourself, wanting a little practice before taking on the real thing. No problem, I'll just stand before you in my sexy lingerie and high heels with a well equipped strap-on to get you started! For beginners, the focus will be on technique. How to work your tongue, lips, and hands in perfect unison. Those who are "well hung" and flexible can be taught to "self suck." Hey, don't act so surprised now, you know you would if you could! You'll also learn how to pay special attention to uncut cock. For those at the intermediate level, you will bypass the plastic and go right for the cock meat. Show me what you've learned so far. What are you still yearning to try? My advanced cocksuckers will entertain me with tales of their conquests and be given new missions to complete. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reach for that phone because Hayley says so!

Get Naked For Us - CFNM Fantasies: Baby take off your clothes.........real can leave your hat on. Remember 91/2 weeks? My sisters and I turn the tables here. We want you to dance for us. Yes. We command you, at this special little party, to get your vulnerable naked body in the kitchen. Make us some drinks. Make some canapes. If we sneak up behind you , squeeze your ass, dick , or balls, get the video rolling, don't complain. You're getting plenty of attention, and you are the object that we want to use for our pleasure. Oh, I know. It's a bit humiliating. Being a lone, naked man in a room full of intoxicated fully clad women can be a little intimidating. Your embarassment enhanced with a curtain wide open, bright lights betraying your nakedness as you awkwardly prance around, your nakedness on exhibit. Just be happy that we don't take you into the courtyard collared and leashed.......hmmmmm....that may be interesting.

I Will Humiliate You: You may be wondering why your agony is My ecstasy. Why I'm so cruel, heartless, and mercenary? Well I think it all started when I was young. I came to know that I could manipulate, use, and milk men to My advantage. I was a spoiled little Princess, and daddy gave Me whatever I wanted as long as I smiled and was sweet. Then I became a sorority Princess with fond memories of My alpha male boyfriends, you know, real men? Then there were guys like you. Bedwetting nerds who followed Me , carried My books, did my laundry, did My homework while I went out on dates with real men. The loser freaks always bought Me lots of presents in hopes of getting at least a sniff of my size small panties. Instead the loser dorks ended up cleaning My room and scrubbing My floor. There were fun memories of My Sisters and Me dressing them up with bonnets and sissy panties . Then we would sometimes take the panty waists out in the car then let him out at a mall! With no money! To hitchhike home! And they put up with it, all with hopes of getting into Our expensive little thong panties. Oh I used to love dangling that carrot in front of their little donkey faces, and finally in the end I wave bye bye! See you sucker! Next!

Suck Patrol—Coerced Bi Fantasies: We know so many of you have fantasized about graduating from dildos to something more...fleshly...but need a strong, sensual Mistress to coax you, humiliate you, and coerce you into taking that step. The Suck Patrol has gathered to make sure that every man who has had that fantasy somewhere deep in his sensual mind...will take that fantasy and explore many, many ways. We're just what you need to turn that hidden fantasy into...dare we say...a reality? Yes, we'll say it!

Get Your Ass In The Ring: Our very own Ms. Ashley is indeed a former semi-professional wrestler. So who better to indulge you in a female wrestling fetish? None better! If you've ever fantasized about getting in the ring with a hot, sweaty, muscular and strong woman, explore your wrestling fetish fantasies with Ms. Ashley.

Strokepets: Do you want someone to completely own your cock, and control your cockstroking? Are you looking for someone who will be kind, gentle, sensual - yet very strict with your jerkoff schedule? We will give you and your cock the love and attention you need.

Teased to the Edge: If you love being teased to the edge, and kept there, have a cockteasing session with Ms. Bree. Ms. Bree knows a thing or two about blueballs, and she will make yours bluer than blue, and keep them that way for as long as she wants. Advanced cockteasing sessions await you at Teased to the Edge.

The Sissifier: Get girlie and pretty, femmy and frilly, with The Sissifier. The Sissifier will transform you into the lispiest of sissies!

Chastity Training with The Dicktator: "You take a man with the societal pressure of career, relationship, and male posturing. What do you have? A male that loves suspension of disbelief......maybe lots of imaginative gray matter to be clinical. A male that needs to surrender, acquiesce, give it all to a dominant Mistress, so She may take control and create catharsis.

Possibly you're not so complicated and just want a hot Domme to play with you and control your (MY) cock...whatever....I will hold the key to that cock lock, playing, changing the rules, whatever I like. (unless W/we have negotiated otherwise).

It's very simple. I'm commissioned to be the keeper of that cock, thereby making it MY cock. You will learn to trust ME as the Keyholder to the cocklock, orgasms, schedules of release...whatever W/we touched upon on that first interview. I'll take control of you. My philosophy is simple: you control the orgasm and you control the boy."

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